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Highlighting community leaders and discussing topics from a Black and Asian perspective  to uplift, inspire, and cultivate a positive change!

Laura and Marcello 

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Join this "Power Couple", Marcello & Laura Robertson, as they join forces to pour their "souls" out about trending topics as it relates to the Asian & Black communities. Asians and Blacks are the most talked about and vilified races during this pandemic. This broadcast will educate viewers and change the narrative from both perspectives. The goal of this podcast is to have open discussions about current issues, bring positive change and provide resources to the local communities in a fun and engaging way.

Blasian Soul Podcast's mission is to: 

  • Change the narrative and shine a positive light 

  • Highlight entrepreneurs & leaders

  • Bridge the gap of the racial divide

  • Provide economic resources

​       for the Asian and Black Communities.


The Robertsons will share their unique views on current events, relationships, his & her views, health & wealth, and more! They will bring to you valuable insights, tips and resources. 


This platform will also allow business owners and non-profit organizations  to speak about important topics or to promote their business. If you are interested in being a guest speaker on the show please reach out to

Diverse Group Cheering

Minority Owned "Business of the Week"

Each week, we will showcase a minority owned business or organization. We will also have weekly giveaways and promotions.  

Politician News Interview

Current Events

We will talk about the different events that are trending on the news and keep you up to date on important topics.  

Business Team

Business Tips, wealth and Resources

We will provide valuable information and marketing tips on ways to grow your  reach and increase your business.  

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Social Media Madness

Since the coronavirus outbreak, there has been a rise in racism against the Asian & Black communities. We will discuss the current trends on social media.  

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Relationships - HIS and Hers Point of View

Relationships can be challenging to begin with. Then, add in two people from different backgrounds and cultural upbringings. We will discuss relationships in general and and share his and her point of views from our different prospectives.  

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Health & Well Being 

This is a time where protecting your mental health is very important. We will discuss health and wellness and share best practices.  



Our listeners will have the opportunity to win weekly prizes from local businesses in our community.