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Your Hosts: Marcello & Laura


Marcello & Laura Robertson, are serial entrepreneurs with a mission to impact the lives of their viewers. Through Blasian Soul Podcast, they bring together industry leaders to provide tips and resources to uplift the community, while sharing insights into both of their cultures! 


The couple came from humbling beginnings.  Marcello was born and raised in the inner cities of Detroit. He attended Ferris University and is now a successful business & marketing leader.  Laura a/k/a "Niphaphone" was born homeless outside a refugee camp in Thailand after her family escaped the communist invasion of their homeland of Laos. Laura is the CEO and Founder of Beautiful Potential, and a marketing leader providing support to a variety of small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Laura is also a published author of "Forty Dollars and a Dream", a speaker, and a coach. She is passionate about mentoring and coaching women to gain the confidence to live out their dream life!

Together, the power couple is ready to bring you life and laughter to your screen every Monday at 7PM Central. Tune in LIVE or watch the replays! 

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