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Meet the Robertsons

Marcello & Laura met almost nineteen years ago while Marcello was attending Ferris University in Michigan. A reunion brought the couple back together years later and they celebrated twelve years of marriage. They are proud parents of two daughters (Asia & Tia), sons (Cello & Carmello), and grandparents to their granddaughter, Novi. They currently reside in the outskirts of Chicago where they enjoy quality time with their friends and family.


The Robertsons share their love for their family and their passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Laura is a certified coach, trainer, speaker and owner of Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC. Marcello is a Marketing Professional and owner of iLocal Online Advertising & Marketing...both are co-owners of their business ventures and together they keep an "i" out for local businesses! They are excited to use this platform to reach a larger audience, expand their reach and help more individuals. Subscribe to the Podcast to get updates on the launch!